Now - a - days, students in 10th standard are very much pressurized to score more marks.

Had  been through the same last year (2013), so know how frustrating it is.

But the fact remains that marks are directly proportional to the amount of revision and practice especially for mathematics. 

It is not always possible to carry bulky notebooks or textbooks where ever we go but mobile is always there.

With objective of making the life of my friends in SSC a bit more interesting and less straineous,  we have developed a range of android apps to revise on the go.

These applications are free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play Store

What is it ?

It is a range of Revision Apps for 10th Standard SSC Students. 

Each app has been developed with the aim of better understanding and better revision for a particular aspect of mathematics .

Revise Algebra Formulae SSC ⓒ and Revise Geometry Study SSC  -

These applications speaks out all the formulae in Algebra and Geometry along with visual display on screen. Student can revise these as many times as he wants and where ever he wants. Audio visual combination helps to learn and re enforce them quickly. 

Revise SSC Geometry Theorems ⓒ -

All theorems have been digitized. Students can see all the theorems as well as the diagrams.

                                                                                                                           Screenshots For Revise Algebra Formulae SSC  


                                                                                                                           Screenshots For Revise Geometry Study SSC  


                                                                                                                            Screenshots For Revise SSC  Geometry Theorems

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